I like to ignite hearts creatively: I am your Creative Collaborator and Adventurer.

With the purpose to be a continual lifelong-learner growing through discomfort, passionately curious leader and seeker who has empathy and a sense of “why“, I am a multi award-winning independent consultant, speaker, and writer on Divergent Leadership, Creativity, and Inclusivity + Advocacy.  My mission is to transform, educate, activate, and drive change in Divergent Leadership, Creativity, Disability Inclusivity and Advocacy by telling memorable stories, producing superb communication, consulting and advising with business leaders and their teams. Also, I advise organisations how they can make their events, practices, environments, and businesses more inclusive and accessible.

I have over ten years experience in Disability Inclusivity + Advocacy as the Founder & Chief Purpose Officer of ThisAbility Limited. I have a community of disability advocates to consult and work with; being Co-Host, Writer & Asst. Community Manager for the Muscle Owl, being the London Regional Ambassador for Trailblazers and also as someone who happens to have a severe physical disability.  I studied at UCA and have been an active commentator on creativity talking on behalf of D&AD, eurobest and CANNT Festival amongst others.

Me – during my Keynote at the inaugural D&AD Festival 2016 (21st April 2016)





Sulaiman. Graduated BA (Honours) Advertising & Brand Communication in 2012 at UCA Farnham. Creative Collaborator and Adventurer. A multi award-winning mind. Passionate about creativity, collaboration, technology, disruption, inclusivity, advocacy, innovation, storytelling.

Some examples of subjects that I have come across and become fascinated in include:

+ Neuroplasticity in creativity.

+ Cyborg anthropology.

+ Edwardian culture.

+ Japanese mythology.

+ Disfluency.

+ Mobile creativity (my dissertation topic).

+ Post-digital creation.

+ Documentary film.

+ Travel / new cultures.

+ Universal / industrial design.

+ New technologies.

+ Human behaviour.

+ Science/medicine.

+ Human stories/storytelling.

To borrow an idea from my friend and mentor Dave Birss, I strongly believe that the more dots you “collect,” the more dots you can “connect”. That’s the core of having original and innovative ideas.

Journeys are limited – Adventures are limitless.” — Scott Morrison

ONWARDS and UPWARDS, friends!